Raj Information Systems is one of a leading Dedicated Server Company in Mumbai India

dedicated serverRaj Information Systems provides with the storage and networking system which overcomes for running with Complex applications and complex infrastructure. Customizable Managed Servers combines with the managed hosting environment designed for many all kind of complex infrastructure. We are here to direct you to choose dedicated servers, storage and networking for building solution for leading hardware infrastructure. Clustering and Load balancing creates resilience for making availability for maximum possible outline.


Each server is custom built in-house by our engineers using only the latest technology. And our use of open source technology like OpenStack gives us the flexibility to upgrade performance over time.


Whereas most dedicated solutions take hours or days to activate, our technology allows us to provision dedicated servers immediately. Your server is standing by so it’s ready for you the second you need it.


We use only high quality storage with RAID level 1 support on our dedicated servers. Your drives are completely mirrored, ensuring your data is extremely well protected. This feature is not found on most dedicated solutions.


Add hosting storage on the fly as you need it. With our enhanced cPanel, you can increase available storage space in real time without requiring admin intervention.


For advanced users, our improved control panel offers complete access to CentOS, giving you full control of your server.


Get expedited help from agents who specialize in dedicated hosting. Our dedicated team works closely with the same engineers who maintains your server, so they’re able to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice.