Cloud Based Service Center Inventory Management Application allows you to manage the stock and distribution of stock to your service center.

The focus functionality of this application is system handling by various transactions undertaken from service center and head office. Transparent transaction records can be maintained. Job card which enables you to provide a satisfactory service to your customers. The technology from which you get visibility and mobility in any geography.


Carry In

After-Sales Service is rapidly taking the center-stage when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction & building customer loyalty. Thus, service processes are becoming more competitive and challenging day by day. In a pursuit to keep customers happy and reduce the exceeding cost of service, Raj Information look for ways to ensure timely & efficient service.

SC Management System Carry-in Repair system is designed with keeping the challenges of a carry-in repair center in mind. With an end-to-end module integration, SC Management enables a complete life cycle approach to service management. This automated system improves the profitability of your service center through synchronizing warranty, inventory management, tracking repair status, identifying dead-on-arrival (DOA) cases, along with other major benefits that help service centers to gain a superior edge. Use SC Management System to ensure efficiency, profitability and tremendous customer service. This includes some of the Mobile Telecommunication, Wellness Product and Electronic Appliance companies. and more.


 Document Management System & Solutions

Simple and powerful document management software that allows companies and individuals to centralize the management and storage of digital documents.
Raj Infosys DMS provides various document management features. Eliminates the need for storing documents in filing cabinets, archive boxes, and off-site document storage warehouses


Digital document storage

Metadata attribution, e.g.

'Date' of document storage

'Author' of document storage

'Employee ID' for an employee document

Document Indexing

Document Search

Indexing and search abilities

Support for multiple file types: PDF, Doc, Docx, TIFF, JPEG, etc

Easy and intuitive to use

No limit on file size

Easily customizable user interface

Accessible using web browser and mobile app


One-time licensing and installation charges + annual maintenance charges

The on-premises version of Raj Infosys DMS will be installed on your company's internal network

Your company’s IT team will be responsible for managing security, backups and maintenance.



The Software AccEasy is developed to manage efficiently and effectively all the housing society tasks.

It has various modules and each are helpful to store the information about the society and Various transactions that used to take places in the societies. Thus AccEasy Solves the presently existing tedious works in the Society into simpler one.

Hence this Software is definitely going to be an efficient and reliable tool for the Housing Societies.





Society Accounting



Society Invoicing



Society Member Database



Society Meetings & Discussions



Document Repository



Interactive Forms



Facility Management



Staff Scheduling



Work Orders



Visitor Control



Parking Control



House Journal



Bookings Calendar



Messaging Centre



Member Support



Services Directory




Record Management System

More then just papers!


You focus on your business. We will give you a highly secure management solution for records. We intend to delight Corporate with comprehensive solutions for management of records and information, leading to overall improvement of employee productivity. Raj Information System visualizes itself to be the most reliable professional vendor for protecting business houses from risks of litigation, audit, and disaster.

The Record Management Division (RMS) of the Raj Group caters to an end to end, highly secure management solution for records.

Physical Record Management:
Raj Information (RMS) is a leading organization in the field of Record Management Solution in India. Strong infrastructure and skilled man power is the key strength of Raj Information which makes it a leading organization in its domain and helps to provide cost effective and quality services to its customers.

Raj Information (RMS) supports total management and secure retention of physical records of all types. Utilizing highly advanced technology, expert manpower Raj Information (RMS) manage secure collection, indexing, storage, retrieval, insertion and tracking services. The bottom-line is Rapid accessibility, reliability and consistency.

Raj Information (RMS) records management program is advantageous because:
A well-organized file plan enables an organization to find information easily. Records that are correctly filed and stored are easily accessible, and this facilitates transparency and accountability;
The orderly and efficient flow of information enables the organization to perform its functions successfully and efficiently Authoritative and reliable records are created and maintained in an accessible, intelligent and usable manner to support the business and accountability requirements of the organization;
Efficiency and economy are ensured by eliminating unnecessary duplication of records;
A retention and disposal programme ensures that the organization maintains only those records it really needs for functional purposes; and
Controls are exercised to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the information, thus preventing information and/or the records from being stolen or damaged. This ensures the protection of privacy and confidentiality, and prevents the inappropriate disclosure of information that could harm the organization or infringe the privacy rights of individuals.
Real-time tracking System.


Multi Company


 Multi Location

Multi Division


Costumer Master

  • Customer Information
  • Customer Department
  • Customer Branch
  • Customer Holiday
  • Customer Price

Company Management

  • Building
  • Department
  • Sub-Department
  • Transit Location
  • Delivery Type
  • Delivery Vehicle


  • Box
  • Box Type
  • File
  • Shelf Location
  • Space
  • Box Inventory