Your employees use email to store documents. They collaborate with clients using Dropbox. They create files internally using Microsoft Office 365. And they back up all of their data to personal USBs and hard drives. The business you're running has a problem with managing information.

Our Approach

At Rajinfosys, we solve this problem on a daily basis. As businesses grow organically, employees create homegrown ways to create and share information. The problem is that it's insecure, not reliable, and there’s no control over who has access to what data. Long-term efforts like these become impossible to manage..

From building smarter tagging tools, to creating ways to distribute content across domains, we build enterprise-grade content management systems (CMSs) that help you manage everything from public-facing sites, to your internal, mission critical data warehouse systems.

The Basics


More users mean more data. When there are different people creating information, it's crucial that documents and files can be tagged for easy retrieval across your entire team.

Content management systems should be able to support the media you need for your business. A strong CMS supports complex assets like videos, 3D files and interactive content to simpler content like photos, text, documents and audio.

As documents are edited, changes get made and employees need to collaborate. What happens when a file is deleted or altered inappropriately? Versioning gives you the ability to roll back to previous files, so that you can see your document history.