The most productive businesses are the ones who have technology aligned with company goals. When the C-suite can steer the ship, they can make more effective business decisions and plan for strategic growth. At Rajinfosys, we remove the jargon and enable executives to make educated technology decisions for their business.


software development diagramAt Rajinfosys we have a team which specializes in build-to-order custom software development including intranets and desktop applications. We use highly robust, scalable, cost-effective and yet totally customer centric development methodology to manage ground-up software development projects smoothly and efficiently. Our software development service aims at executing dynamic applications that would meet the increasing business needs on the internet. Our technical competencies allow us to deliver programming solutions from simple scripts to complex applications taking advantage of various languages, databases and advanced programming. Our custom solutions are specially personalized to meet your needs and requirements.

Depending on your requirements we provide for end-to-end requirement analysis and a comprehensive planning. This process helps us to get an in depth understanding of your requirements, and we can then give you recommendation on the development of a customized and scalable software product that effectively meets all your immediate and future goals and improves the way you do business.