Legacy System Modernization, Application Development & System Integration

legacy systemsAutomated Conversion delivers a modern application and data tier with 100% like-for-like functionality as compared to the legacy application, based on fully maintainable open systems. This reduces cost, allows for deeper integration and enables customization to meet business requirements.

Rajinfosys success with legacy modernization and migration projects is achieved by leveraging the latest technology, applying industry best practices for development and project management, and harnessing our world-class Quality Assurance testing services.


This service:

Converts legacy application COBOL, JCL, CICS, Utilities, SORT, CA Gen, Natural, Assembler, PL/I and more to Java or C#

Converts legacy databases like ADABAS, IDMS, VSAM, IMS and more to SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle Database

Reduces time to modernization: automated conversion projects finish 75% faster than rewrites

Leverages automated technology to document all aspects of the conversion and remove the chances of human error

Enables CIOs to leverage a robust global development community for open systems