Cloud Based Service Center Inventory Management Application allows you to manage the stock and distribution of stock to your service center.

The focus functionality of this application is system handling by various transactions undertaken from service center and head office. Transparent transaction records can be maintained. Job card which enables you to provide a satisfactory service to your customers. The technology from which you get visibility and mobility in any geography.


Carry In

After-Sales Service is rapidly taking the center-stage when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction & building customer loyalty. Thus, service processes are becoming more competitive and challenging day by day. In a pursuit to keep customers happy and reduce the exceeding cost of service, Raj Information look for ways to ensure timely & efficient service.

SC Management System Carry-in Repair system is designed with keeping the challenges of a carry-in repair center in mind. With an end-to-end module integration, SC Management enables a complete life cycle approach to service management. This automated system improves the profitability of your service center through synchronizing warranty, inventory management, tracking repair status, identifying dead-on-arrival (DOA) cases, along with other major benefits that help service centers to gain a superior edge. Use SC Management System to ensure efficiency, profitability and tremendous customer service. This includes some of the Mobile Telecommunication, Wellness Product and Electronic Appliance companies. and more.