TourismLink Car Rental Software.
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Windows based car rental software that can manage unlimited vehicles at a single location on more than one computer. It is software that provides all the tools and features needed to run all types of car rental operations.
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The perfect online Windows-based vehicle rental solution to manage your multi-location car rental business. All the data of this online car rental software is stored on a secure cloud server that can be accessed worldwide through the internet.
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The best car rental website where your customers can connect to the internet and reserve the vehicle of their choice on your own reservation site.This web based booking interface can be linked or added to your website. It gives your customers immediate view of availability, rates and instant booking confirmation.
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Features List Software
Fleet Management
Payment Processing
Create Agreements
Rent Planner & Reminders
Variety of Reports
User login & access control
Online Reservations
Email Functionalities
Tally Integration
Vehicle Expenses
Quick Lookup
Agent Management
Traffic Fines Managament
Clients Management
Invoice Management
Taxes and Charges
Rental rates Options
Payment options
Deposit payment options
Customer groups
Fuel & Milage Management
Vehicle Rental History
Damage Report
Vehicle Depreciation
Regular Updates
Premium support
Features List Reservation System
Integration with Easy Rent Pro
Reservation Management
Discount Coupon
Online Payment Options
Keyword Management
Taxes and Charges
Fleet Management
Google Map Location Display
Agent Login
User Access Management
Manage website content
Rental Seasons
Rental Options
Email Configuration
Page Banner
Rental Locations
Vehicle Classes
Web updater
Rate Calculation Options
  Easy-To-Use TourismLink software is user friendly and includes all feature for an Effective and smooth operation of your car rental business.
  Multi Language This standard software is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Italian so it is usable in countries worldwide.
  Network Ready This Windows Based Software can be installed on multiple workstation in your single rental location to allow all your operators serve your clients at the same time for a smooth business process.
  QuickTally Integration TourismLink has a direct integration with Tally to save time by avoiding manual input in Tally.